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Serving Peoples in Exile – The Spiritans

John Paul II wrote in 1982 to the High Commission of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) that “The problem of refugees is a shameful wound of our time”. “And in order to save one’s neighbor, experience has taught us, neither material help nor political change or prayer is sufficient by itself.
What is important is that persons rise to a new life. To do this, they themselves must confront and solve the real problems of their common life: material, educational or political – starting with a more lucid vision of the reality as God sees it and with more authentic love which is a spiritual ‘weapon’ (commentary on Ex 3). Christian reconciliation is a radical transformation of the inner self. Reconciliation is also an inner peace-making and purification from the culture of nihilism.”
This service of love to the most abandoned ones seeking for reconciliation, be they migrants or asylum seekers, displaced people or refugees, the Spiritans are seeking to offer while fighting against all forms of poverty in the 64 countries where their Congregation is present.
This video let Fr. Paul Flamm (USA) and Fr. Daniel Waweru (Kenya) express themselves on their ministry to war & conflict affected communities. They show how Spiritans endeavor to address psychological, spiritual and social well-being of Burundian and Congolese people of faith who have been wounded in their God-given dignity. A work of Peace & Reconciliation and an advocacy ministry that the Province of Tanzania courageously engaged itself into since 1995, with the help and encouragement of the Generalate in Rome and of the many Spiritan Provinces who offer members to answer the call of the Spirit to this noble cause.